Elections are about the serious discussion of public policy issues. We in the Conservative Party believe that it's time to Stand Up for Canada and to bring positive, meaningful change to our country. We propose to Canadians a new vision, a plan to renew faith in government, to instil a culture of accountability in Ottawa.

After 12 years of Liberal scandal and inaction, the Conservative team has a plan to tackle the real issues that matter to Canadians.

A Conservative government will hold those responsible for wrong-doing to account, we will root out remaining problems and impose new reforms. Cleaning up government is a job that begins at the top. A Conservative government will erase the culture of entitlement, and make Ottawa more accountable to Canadians. To view our party's Accountability Act, please click here: http://www.conservative.ca/EN/accountability/

* Conservatives will help individuals, families and entrepreneurs get ahead by lowering taxes, rewarding hard work and making it easier to save.

* Conservatives will help our seniors preserve their hard won gains through fairer taxes and better service from bureaucrats.

* Conservatives will improve the quality of life in communities by improving access to health care, offering choice in child care and tackling violent crime.

* Conservatives will fight waste, mismanagement and corruption in Ottawa by enacting and enforcing tough anti-corruption and accountability measures.

* Conservatives will stand up for Canada by defending our national interests in trade disputes, securing our borders and treating all provinces with respect.

Stand up for change. Stand up for your Canada.

Please visit the Conservative Party website for more information about these, and other policy issues: www.conservative.ca