Rob’s Statement on the Omar Khadr Settlement

July 05, 2022

OTTAWA, ON - Conservative Justice Critic and Member of Parliament from Niagara Falls, the Honourable Rob Nicholson, released the following statement regarding the Liberal Government’s plan to pay Omar Khadr a 10.5 million dollar settlement package.


“I am deeply dismayed by the Liberal Government’s decision to pay convicted terrorist Omar Khadr a 10.5 million dollar ‘compensation package’. Mr. Khadr pled guilty to war crimes including the killing of US Army medic Sergeant Christopher Speer in addition to actively working with al-Qaeda to plant IED’s in Afghanistan. This settlement is an insult to Canadian Armed Forces and indeed all Canadians.”


“I join with citizens from across this nation in calling for Mr. Khadr to give any monies received directly to Sergeant Speer’s widow, Tabitha and her two children.”