Nicholson gives two cents on federal issues at NOTL Forum Meeting
Niagara Advance � Saturday, January 22, 2022

Conservative MP Rob Nicholson was the guest speaker at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Forum�s recent question and answer session about federal issues.

The meeting, which took place in the Mary Snider room at the arena, drew about 35 residents.

The NOTL Forum is a watchdog group of concerned local residents. Forum founder Jack Lowrey, a Queenston resident, thanked Lord Mayor Gary Burroughs, councilors Bob Howse and Austin Kirkby, and Nicholson for attending the meeting.

Dave Dick, President of the Virgil Business Association and the owner of Niagara Motors, used the occasion to speak with his federal representative about his concerns over the manufacturing industry in Canada.

�If we lose the manufacturing jobs in Canada, the service jobs can�t sustain our lifestyles. I see car companies as the next to go. What can we do to increase the manufacturing industry in Canada?�

�There are people who cheer each time the Canadian dollar goes up,� replied Nicholson.

�I�m not in that group. The lower the dollar gets the better it is for us. We must have strong currency but the lower dollar helps agriculture and tourism,� he said.

�We have more in common with the United States than differences. We need to work more with non-tariff barriers. China is desperate to break the mold they�ve been in, break into the manufacturing world. They need us more than we need them. We need to be tougher with them.�

Nicholson said he believes there is still room to develop trade with Western Europe.

�It seems to make a lot of sense. We should try to forge an identity with countries similar to Canada, try to be more aggressive and not be so concerned with the Canadian dollar.�