Nicholson says: Budget lacking in aid for farmers
Niagara-on-the-Lake Advance � Saturday, February 26, 2022

While Conservative MP Rob Nicholson won�t be voting against the federal government�s 2005 budget, he is concerned about the tax relief Canadians will not see.

�I�m happy to see tax reductions,� he said, �but I would like to have seen more.�

His main beef as a representative of a region where the wine industry is an important part of the economy is that the Liberals brushed off any increase in the excise tax for wine, saying instead that recommendations to reduce excise duties on Canadian wine will remain under consideration.

�I find that disappointing,� said Nicholson. Excise taxes don�t bring in that much revenue, but reducing them �would have brought a big boost to the wine industry.�

He also hoped for an overhaul of tax programs for farmers, but there is little in the budget in the way of aid for the agriculture industry, and what there is helps cattle and grain farmers, he said.

�I don�t see anything that is geared toward our area. I would like to have seen more income support.�

He is pleased, however, to see a commitment toward improving border security without impeding the flow of people and goods, with an additional $433 million over five years and an investment in the military.

These are steps in the right direction he said. �I just hope it�s enough.�

But while there are concerns about what is lacking in the budget, he added, �we won�t be defeating the government over this.�